Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Bedroom Ghost

Last night I had the weirdest dream/experience. I woke up whaling, and stunned/shocked I felt as though - in the pitch black - that there was a presence standing over me, coming at me, closer and closer. It was the weirdest thing I think I've ever experienced. I don't know if there is ANY meaning to this - but it was weird. I still have chills just thinking about it. Jamie was freaked out by the way I was whaling. It was so weird I had to turn on my night table lamp to make sure that there wasn't actually someone standing over me. And on my way to turning on my lamp I threw my hands around, feeling the air to make sure I didn't feel anything. I think there is a ghost in my bedroom.

I started on some more laundry once I got home, and then decided I was going to star watching Desperate Housewives Season 1 while cleaning up my closet of clothes. I managed to get a lot cleaned.

I am LOVING Desperate Housewives. I've gotten through 3 episodes so far. I have all of season 1 on DVD and I started downloading (off torrentspy.com) the episodes from this season. Torrent is absolutely free, and I rely on it if I ever miss an episode on tv that I wanted to watch.

Jamie and I had cabbage rolls for dinner tonight, they were soooo good. (Made by my mother-in-law). And then we headed off to the hockey game. We won 4-3 in Overtime and it was an absolutely AWESOME GAME! I love going to games, so much fun!

Now I'm about to watch Nip/Tuck on FX. All new (and longer than usual) episode. Check ya later.

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