Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Knitting on the Beach


I got a little bit of knitting done while I was in Jamaica. It was so nice & relaxing to knit on the beach with a Frozen Margarita in hand! I promised Jamie that the next knitting item I’d finish is his OVERDUE socks, that I promised him for Xmas 2009. (Oops!) One is completely finished, but the other isn’t. At least sock 2 has been started. I designed so many pairs of socks between 2008-2009 that by the end of 2009, I was all “socked-out”, as I called it. But now, I’m back and plan to finish his socks as soon as possibly!



Teena said...

I've never knitted on the beach! But yes, I have consumed a cocktail or two :)

g-girl said...

lol. I remember those socks!