Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Valentine’s Window


After my Christmas window won the best window in the mall contest over the holidays, I started thinking about the next window – for Valentine’s Day! I found some fun ideas on the internet (thank you Pinterest), and came up with a few ideas of my own.


After making a pompom rug to cover the floor of my window, I don’t think I want to see another pompom for a VERY long time. My hands were hurting after finishing most of those! I did have some help of some of my knitting friends, and I am so very grateful for their help.


Here are some close-ups of what’s in the window.


Some yarn “chocolate” boxes.


One of my customers makes these beautiful dolls. Their hair, is yarn from my shop. Aren’t they stunning?

Now, to start thinking about my next window!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Neutral Gaptastic


My friend Melissa asked me to make her a neutral colored Gaptastic as she loves her purple one I made her for her 40th birthday. Same thing like her purple one, I knit to only 10” instead of the 15” the pattern calls for. I used Marble Chunky color MC11 for her scarf, and I just love the way it came out. So does she! I want one for myself now, in this color. Actually, I’d love a Gaptastic in a few different Marble Chunky colors. I love wearing infinity scarves around my neck all fall, winter & spring. The only time I’m not wearing an infinity scarf is summer. I think I will end up making myself a bunch of 10” gaptastics to add to my wardrobe. It’s a fun, easy, quick knit. Great mindless knitting for hockey game knitting or at stitch ‘n bitch. Stay tuned, I’m sure you’ll see this pattern again as finished objects this year.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Three times a Rikke


This was a great knit. First I made one in green, then in teal, and then I had to have one in grey. Now I think I want to make it again, in black. Cuz black matches everything too, right? The pattern is Rikke by Sarah Young and I did make some modifications. I cast on 96 sts instead of 104 sts for a tighter fit as I did for all 3 hats, and I also knitted to 8” instead of 9” before starting the crown shaping. What a fabulous easy pattern. All 3 hats are made using Berroco Vintage DK on a 3.5mm needle for the band and then 4.5mm needle for the rest of the hat. Each hat used up 60g/172.8 yards.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Rogers Hometown Hockey Cheer Contest

Please vote for Sean's team! If we win, the team gets to go to Toronto to watch a Habs vs. Toronto game and spend the night!

Here's the link: 

I posted the YouTube video above, but to vote you need to go to the Hometown hockey link.

You can vote 1x per day.  PLEASE VOTE!


Monday, December 22, 2014

Snowman Knitted Ornament


This was an adorable quick knit and the pattern is Snowman Knitted Ornament by Gigi Hooper! I picked up 1.75” Styrofoam ball from Dollarama (pack of 10 balls for 1$). This uses very little yarn. I used leftovers that I had in my stash. The white is Uptown worsted, the orange is Diamond collection Merino Lux and the black is Malabrigo Worsted. I used French knots for both the mouth & eyes, I think it looks nicer than the duplicate stitch. These are hanging on our Christmas tree, and they look fabulous. The entire snowman weighs just over 6g without the Styrofoam ball. You can see my two snowman project information pages here & here on Ravelry.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Maya’s Sunny Stripes Hat


My next door neighbor Maya is extremely petite and needed a new hat this winter. She out grew last year’s hat, plus it didn’t match her new winter jacket. She doesn’t like bows, so that threw out the idea of doing the bow hat that I’ve made several of. So I did some searching and found Sunny Stripes Hat by Gretchen Tracy. I used Uptown Worsted on 4.5mm needles. She absolutely loves her hat. Stay tuned for another post in a couple of days with the mittens that I made to go with this hat.


Saturday, December 20, 2014

Persephone Handpaints Cowl


I’ve been wanting to work with this yarn (King Cole Bamboozle) for a while, since getting it into the shop. I saw a cowl on Ravelry that used a similar yarn by another company and it was perfect for this cowl. The pattern is Persephone Handpaints Cowl by Michael del Vecchio. The pattern calls for 6 mm needles, which this yarn also calls for, so it was perfect. I used only 65g of the skein.


The pattern says when “you come upon a wool section of yarn, then double wrap all st as follows: Insert ndl in to next st, wrap yarn around ndl twice, pull loops out of st and sl st off LH ndl 3 times, knit to next wool section.”

With my yarn, the Bamboozle by King Cole my wool (roving) sections are a tad longer than the Universal Yarn Bamboo Bloom Handpaints that is used in the original pattern, so I did about 4-5 stitches with the double wraps on my cowl. Effect is really cool.

Another idea for a quick Christmas gift!

You can see this cowl on display at the shop.