Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Big Alabama Cushion


This is a shop sample that I knit las summer. I wanted to show how the yarn (Katia Big Alabama) knits up. The cushion took 5 skeins of the yarn, with no leftovers. I stuffed the cusion with 2 pillows to fill it. It was an interesting project. Not sure I would knit this again. If I were to make something like this again I would use a much chunkier yarn. This pattern seems to not be on Ravelry. It’s Katia’s Big Alabama Cushion. From their video is looks like they don’t close the bottom of their cushion, however I closed mine on both ends. At Halloween, we dressed up the cushion and had him on display in our shop window. One thing I noticed in the pattern, they don’t actually tell you in words how many stitche to cast on. However, it does say, in the legend 63p. P=stitches. So you cast on 63 stitches and it’s seed stitch/moss stitch for the entire rectangle.


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