Friday, March 11, 2016

Bird’s Nest Blanket


This project, should not have taken me almost a year to make. However, because of the large needles, which are US 120 / 50 mm, in wood, they are extremely heavy to work with and I was only able to knit with them sitting on the floor of the room (they were too long to use sitting on my bed or coach – not enough room!) So, I only worked on it, from time to time. It wasn’t exactly the type of project that I could just leave out and pick up whenever I wanted.


The pattern I used was Bird's Nest Blanket by Tammy DeSanto. The pattern was by the lady who makes these massive needles. I used 20 skeins of  Himalaya Everyday Big yarn held four stranded. That was also interesting to do. A couple of times I had to back track a few stitches as I realized I was only carrying over 3 of the strands, and one of them was left a few stitches behind. It was easy to accidentally drop a strand.  I would probably consider using the needles again, but not with a cabled pattern. It was awkward to work with cables at this large of needles & thickness of yarn.



Hattie Tavares said...

I don't think I could ever do one of these, they're cool but those huge needles have to be such a pain!

g-girl said...

Oh. My. Word. Those needles are ginormous! They didn't look that big on your doorstep.