Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Sean’s Green Socks


Sean asked me to knit him neon green warm socks. He was very specific. So I knew I had the perfect yarn at the shop that would work for this, and to boot, it was a 6 ply sock yarn, so it would knit up quicker than 4 ply fingering weight yarn. So I dug around for a pattern that uses 6 ply sock yarn with 4mm needles (the larger the needles, the quicker the knit…) and came up with # 203 Easy Children's Socks by Diane Soucy.


Sean absolutely loves his socks and wears them every time they are freshly washed and put back in his drawer. Mackenzie has now asked me for a similar pair, in the purple & black (which the yarn is pictured above on the left hand side behind the sock) and Quentin also asked for a pair, so those I’ll probably do in black & blue (top right of the above pic).


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Hattie Tavares said...

You're so nice knitting them all socks! I'm sure my kiddos would like them but that's the one thing I refuse to make until they stop growing so fast lol.