Monday, March 07, 2016

Oceantastic & Greentastic


Last year I was on the Gaptastic bandwagon and knit up a bunch of the infinity cowls. I forgot to blog about these 2, which I think are my favourite 2 colors of the bunch I made. They were both knit up in April/May 2015. One took me 6 days according to Ravelry and the other 2 weeks, which I assume took that long because I was knitting other things in between. The Gaptastic pattern is so each (it’s K1, P1) and it’s good conversation knitting. I can knit this pattern in my sleep, so knitting & talking to friends works for this one. I knit these both up on 9mm circular needles, using two different (MC46 (below) and MC33 (above)) Marble Chunky colorways. Marble Chunky is always coming out with more gorgeous colorways, I can see myself knitting up many more of these!


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Hattie Tavares said...

I generally hate seed stitch but I loved knitting my gaptastic, love the colors you chose!