Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Knitter’s Frolic Brioche Cowl Class


Last spring I headed to Toronto with a friend of mine for Knitter’s Frolic. We headed to our friend Jen’s house. Besides Knitter’s Frolic, I had lunch with one of my suppliers, took a ballet booty class at my friend’s gym, did a lot of knitting, and had a lot of fun. One of the 2 classes I took in Toronto was a class on the Brioche stitch. The class was given by Kate Atherley, a local to Toronto designer. It was very cool meeting her and I learned a lot in the class. In her class we learned how to do the stitch by using a Cowl pattern. I really enjoyed learning this stitch. This cowl took me no time at all to make. Let’s hope I remember how to do the brioche stitch the next time I want to make something using Brioche! 



The other class I took was with Sivia Harding (how cool, too!) and it was on knitting with beads. Unfortunately I don’t have a finished project from that class (yet) to show you. I should get on that!

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g-girl said...

The cowl is so cool and so you! Is brioche difficult? Oooh a class with Sivia Harding? Nice!