Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cameo Ruffle Scarf


This scarf yarn is popular with the clientele at my shop. Out of curiosity I knit one up for my grandmother for her upcoming 85th birthday. It’s totally something she would wear. Quick project, took no time at all to knit up. I used 10mm needles and you cast on 3 stitches and it’s pretty cool the way you knit this up.


The yarn is Estelle Frill Seeker Cameo in Colorway Q51808.


The pattern is for free on Estelle’s website here.


SapphireBlue said...

You shop looks so nice!

Spinner said...

I agree! The scarf is lovely and I'm sure your Grandma will be thrilled with it! But as I cannot get there in person it's extra nice to see a bit of your shop. Next post you should give us all a tour ;)


craft-chick said...

The scarf is beautiful, and I really love the glass head display!

g-girl said...

I agree with Jen! Still waiting on the virtual tour. :)