Friday, November 07, 2014

Oasis Photography Props


After I had armed knitted a cowl, my sister saw it and thought it would make a great photography prop to add to her collection in her photography studio. So she asked me to make her two, one in blue-green & one in black-grey. These are super fun to make and take no time at all. (Maybe 10-15 minutes total each).



Arm knitting is so easy & is instant gratification! I used Frill Seeker Oasis to arm knit as it’s already super thick and is actually a scarf yarn meant for another purpose, but it works great for this type of project. These props are 4 skeins of Oasis each, as there are only about 5 yards in each Oasis skein.


Aren’t the babies so sweet? It almost makes me want another!


SapphireBlue said...

I have read about arm knitting recently. It looks very easy and very warm. How adorable are those baby photos.

Teena in Toronto said...


g-girl said...

I have yet to try arm knitting. I had wanted to teach it to a bunch of kids too! I love the one in black/gray. :)