Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Double Time Tooth Fairy Business

Mackenzie had 2 loose top teeth, one which was completely crooked and out of place because of the adult tooth that’s already coming out. He spent the entire winter vacation wiggling that tooth to try to get it out. No luck all break. He went back to school on Monday and his daycare teacher helped him take that crooked tooth out. He was relieved! That tooth has been bothering him (to eat, to play hockey (as his mouth guard was uncomfortable with that crooked tooth), to brush his teeth, etc…) He went back to that daycare teacher about an hour later and asked her to take out the other top tooth. When he came home, I couldn’t believe that both his top teeth came out! The tooth fairy had double time duty on Monday night. It’s funny how Sean would never let anyone touch his teeth, but Mackenzie asks for help to have teeth yanked. Mackenzie’s looks very toothless now!


Kerry said...

The tooth fairy needs a new residence to take on. Dailaesse just lost her last baby tooth on Tuesday. Well she actually had it pulled because it hadn't come out on its own and they need to get a bracket on it for her braces. No more tooth fairy here until Maddie starts losing teeth and we've got quite awhile before that starts. :-) Hope she was as good to Mack as she's always been to our monkeys!

elns said...

Sounds like less teeth = more relief for him for sure. He looks happy and cute!