Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine’s Day 2013


I had a lot of fun with Valentine’s day this year. Not only did I get to volunteer in Sean’s class in his elementary school but Sean and I got to make some pretty awesome Valentine’s Day cards. I saw this idea, online, about a year ago and knew that this is what I wanted to do when Sean was in Kindergarten for his classmates. After a little printing mishap (my color laser printer would NOT accept card stock, but my sister’s ink jet printer saved the day in the end), we had some pretty awesome Valentine’s Day cards.


If you notice, most of them are in French. I had to take the PDF that was on the web, get rid of the English and add in French text. Because I’m extremely  familiar with Photoshop this didn’t take me long at all. Sean’s in French immersion at school (Kindergarten through grade 2 are French all day, only grades 3 through 6 are half day English, half day French). We did print 1 sheet of English ones for a few of his buddies outside of his class. The light sabers are glow sticks, how cool! I had on hand already 1 pack of glow sticks from Target (which I was thinking about using once for part of one of the kids lootbags, but didn’t have enough), those were 15 for 1$. The balance of the glow sticks I picked up at a dollar store here, were 6 for 1$. (I wish Target would open up in Canada already!)


Sean wrote them all out, and signed them. I put them into a little Valentine’s lootbag with some candies for his friends. We had a blast making them, and I hope his friends like them too, because I’m pretty darn proud of them! I definitely am keeping this idea for Mackenzie’s kindergarten class next year.


How was your Valentine’s Day? Hope it was filled with lots of love! Enjoy!


Dawn said...

Those are the best Valentine's Day cards ever! Love them!

Teena said...

Very cool idea!

SapphireBlue said...

That is such a great idea!

g-girl said...

These are awesome!!!!! Sean has amazing penmanship too. :)

Spinner said...

OMG those are AWESOME! Those would be HUGE in our house too. I'm totally borrowing that idea for another time. If editing is possible, as you said, could use them for birthday invitations or loot bags or.....could get carried away but OH he would love them. Thanks for sharing!!