Friday, May 23, 2014

Mr. Quentin

pizzabackpack Qbinoculars

Ah… Mr. Quentin. My baby. Our source of entertainment. He’s quite the comedian. At almost 3.5 years old, he truly keeps life interesting, eating dinner with his backpack on (as he cannot take it off), or watching Caillou on the computer, through binoculars.

Qbuzz Qvernissage2014

He plays very nicely by himself (on the benches at Sean’s baseball practice, while Mack runs around with a classmate of his, whose brother is on Sean’s ball team, while Mommy knits). He comes up with stories beyond my imagination, for the toys he brings with him to the ball park. (In his backpack of course). Quentin recently had a vernissage at daycare, and I got the most beautiful piece of artwork from him. I need to find a place on the wall to hang his art.

Qsuperhero Qninja

About a month ago, I traveled to Toronto with Quentin, a good friend & her daughter who is in Quentin’s class at daycare. While visiting a friend in Toronto, Quentin fell in love with the superhero cape that belong to my friend’s son. He was so cute in it, that my friend made some capes for each of my boys. (Thanks again Jen!)

Qthumbsup quentiepie

Quentin is just a cutie. Always making us laugh.

Qgoaliemask QsillyTO

I just want to eat him up! He’s talking up a storm now, far from from his speech delay, which is now the past. Some words we are still working on, but he’s slowly but surely getting them. He uses full sentences (though not always in the right tense, but that’s ok!) and when I used to say “I wish he would talk already”, now I say “does he ever stop talking?” LOL!

I cannot believe my baby will be 4 this year. FOUR! Where on earth does time go?


Caroline said...

I still remember when you visited me with a tiny Quentin when I was still pregnant with Julien! It's funny how he looks like Sean on some pics and like Mackenzie on other pics!

Spinner said...

That guy is the cutest! I love the face he has when he's showing you his painting! And I can totally hear him shouting "dun dun DAH!". Glad he likes his cape. It's very him :)

Teena in Toronto said...

He was sleepy when I met him last month :)

g-girl said...

well, that's what happens when you grow up, I suppose. :) I am glad that he has finally grown into his own.