Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mr. Sean


Sean lost his 3rd tooth on Friday. We knew it was loose, but we didn’t think it would come out so quickly. He ran to me just before bedtime and said “Look mom! I pulled it out!” Brave kid! It’s his 3rd tooth on the bottom lost. He hasn’t lost a top one yet, though his teeth keep spacing further apart on the top, making room for his adult teeth. The top front teeth are loose, but not loose enough to fall out yet. Soon enough! The tooth fairy brought rainbow loom elastics (a mega 1200 glow-in-the-dark & two-tone mix pack) and 2 loonies.


For Mother’s Day recently, Sean made me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers (from construction paper and tissue paper) at school. They’re better than real flowers, as they won’t die. He was so proud of them, I love it.

He’s growing up too fast. The blink of an eye, and he’s just about done the 1st grade.


Spinner said...

LOVE the flowers. And he does look so proud giving them to you. Congrats on the 3rd tooth! very generous fairy you have there ;)

elns said...

What a sweet boy! I think the tooth fairy is playing favorites with such deluxe gifts. Wonder what she'll do with for those top teeth ;) Seriously, love the toothy/toothless grin. Good stuff Mama!

Caroline said...

Handsome little man!

Unknown said...

Oh gosh he's getting so big. Love the flowers, they're awesome!

g-girl said...

What a great idea! I love that bouquet of flowers you received for mother's day. He pulled his own tooth out? Nice. He's getting to be a pro!