Monday, June 30, 2014

Ribbons and Bows Beanies


cottonhat cottonhat2

I knit up these most adorable hats for shop samples. It’s the ribbons & bow beanie by April Lowe. I picked up the pattern (for 4$) on Etsy. (Seeing the purple one on her Etsy page makes me want to make some more, in purple too). This pattern makes me want to knit one for every baby girl I know. And make some for gifts. I think I will absolutely make this one again, over & over again. Well, let me tell you, the next girl that I need a gift for, will be getting one of these! And the newborn size doesn’t take more than 30g combined (in white & pink or whatever color you chose), so from a 100g skein of worsted weight, you can get a bunch of hats out of these. It was about 20-25g of the main color & about 5-10g of the white. Oddly, the cotton hat weighs more than the wool blend hat. I used Berroco Weekend for the cotton hat & Berroco Vintage™ for the wool blend hat on a 4.5mm needle. I used a 16” for the hat until the decreases and then switched to some double pointed needles.

vintagehat vintagehat2

They’re on display at the shop if you’d like to see them!



Hattie Tavares said...

Super cute! Anything with bows is a win in my book.

Monica said...

They do look super cute! I am going to have Sienna model one of them for you :-)

Teena in Toronto said...

They are just too cute!