Tuesday, August 19, 2014



I finished up Maderia, which is a free pattern by Berroco, for their yarn, Linus. This was an interesting knit. The yarn was interesting to work with - if you pull too hard, it tears easily. It has a nice drape to it, and I’ve worn it a few times since finishing it on August 3rd. The yarn feels nice in your hands, while knitting. Everything on the pattern was smooth sailing until I got to the front/back neck shaping. The instructions (even with the errata) was not 100% clear (poorly written). Being an experienced knitter, I was able to figure out what they meant but the instructions would throw a beginner off. I am actually working with a student in my drop-in classes at the shop who is knitting this as well, and I am going to have to re-write the instructions for her once we get to the top on her tank top.

I added about 3” to the length before shaping for the armholes. I like my t-shirts/tank tops to be longer.


It fits well. I made the medium size and it drapes/hangs nicely. I like the asymmetrical neck and bottom. It’s very different/unique and lovely at the same time.



Hattie Tavares said...

adorable! I like the hem shape.

Teena in Toronto said...

So pretty! I like the funky neck too :)

SapphireBlue said...

Despite the problems with the pattern and the yarn, it looks comfortable, and I love the color.

Kerry said...

That's so cute! Good thing you added extra length too as it looks perfect on you!

Gabriela said...

This looks great on you! It's a great color and the fit is perfect. I like the added length. Good thing to know about the yarn too.

g-girl said...

it is adorable! :)