Monday, February 23, 2015

Three times a Rikke


This was a great knit. First I made one in green, then in teal, and then I had to have one in grey. Now I think I want to make it again, in black. Cuz black matches everything too, right? The pattern is Rikke by Sarah Young and I did make some modifications. I cast on 96 sts instead of 104 sts for a tighter fit as I did for all 3 hats, and I also knitted to 8” instead of 9” before starting the crown shaping. What a fabulous easy pattern. All 3 hats are made using Berroco Vintage DK on a 3.5mm needle for the band and then 4.5mm needle for the rest of the hat. Each hat used up 60g/172.8 yards.


SapphireBlue said...

Great modifications. They look very comfortable.

Kerry said...

I can see why you've knit so many...they're SO cute on you!!!