Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Montreal Comic Con 2015

IMG_8334 IMG_8362

This past weekend we went to Montreal’s Comic Con. This year, all 5 of us went. (Last year, Quentin stayed home with my parents). This year, we re-used our costumes from last year, as Comic Con got moved up from September to July and we ran out of time to do something different. We will be better prepared for next year. Two years ago I was Rainbow Brite & the year before that I was Wonder Woman.

IMG_8363 IMG_8381

My cousin Jenn, came with us this year, and she made her Sprocket (Skylanders) costume herself. She knitted and stitched on canvas her costume. It was pretty darn awesome!

IMG_8379 IMG_8380

I am a fan of the show Arrow. Last year, I got to meet Stephen Amell. This year, I got to meet David Ramsey & John Barrowman (below, left picture). That was pretty darn awesome.

IMG_8378 IMG_8382

This year, Mackenzie was Robin. Last year, Sean was. They swapped costumes this year to be different!

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I thought these costumes were awesome. Jawas from Star Wars (left) and Weeping Angel from Doctor Who (right). I have not yet watched an episode of Doctor Who, but maybe I’ll check it out on Netflix.

This year Comic Con was fun! Can’t wait for next year.


Spinner said...

You guys are SO awesome! Love that you do this every year and LOVE that you dress up as a family. N was totally impressed that you met a weeping angel AND Captain Jack! Thanks for sharing ;)

Monica said...

It sounds like such an amazing family outing! The costumes are great, and its especially fun to meet your favourite characters!

Craftlover said...

Oh my God, you look great with that suit! :)