Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Morning Link Love

- So darn true!
- Mario A Capella!
- These apple pie muffins look delicious!
- This onesie is hysterical!
- Loving these Platetoppers.
- Also loving this magnetic ironing board.
- Love this laser cut dress.
- Would love to get Sean a lunch box like this Planet Box, too bad they're so pricy!
- These are definitely his and her mugs for our house. I'm the tea drinker and he likes strong coffee!
- Wow, what is the world coming to? Text bands for kids?
- You all know I'm a scrabble product freak... and these mugs are AWESOME!
- Oh, and I want this scrabble mug too...
- Oh but wait, there's scrabble coasters too!
- And this fridge magnet set is pretty darn cool too.
- How to Make an Eco-Chic Shopping Bag.
- I want a bed like this!
- I ♥ this vintage alphabet lunch bag.
- I love these crochet earphones.
- Loving this color-your-own sandwich bag.
- Frame wallpaper is pretty darn cool!
- Have you seen Tail Wags? This BLAZE one is awesome!
- Oh my, I love these babushkups nesting glasses!
- Speaking of nesting dolls, I love these Wee Gallery ones.
- I also love this little elephant rattle. Too bad the baby stage is done in this house.
- Got the Kobo Glo last week from hubby as my 7th wedding anniversary present. LOVE IT!
- This deck of cards is quite neat.
- I ♥ this salt & pepper shaker set!
- Fluffy nutty butternut frosting!
- SO true. Print it & color it while you're at it...!
- MMmm, zucchini lasagna!
- These cookie cutters are beyond awesome!
- Perfect for travel or rainy days... I spy!
- This inflatable tent is awesome! I want one for a rainy day!!
- This is making my mouth water...
- This is a fun DIY scarf.
- This is a fun baby shower gift idea!

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CyndyC said...

That is an awesome, but pricey, lunchbox. It will last forever. Unlike the soft-sided ones liquids will never seep into the seams. Yuck.