Wednesday, October 03, 2012

This Might Start A Debate...

Standing at the bus stop this morning, I was talking with a dad that stands at the bus stop with his daughter (who happens to be in Sean’s kindergarten class). I mentioned I was going apple picking today with Mackenzie’s class and I hope it didn’t rain since we were standing in a cloud of fog. So he asked Siri (on his iPhone) and this is how the conversation went:
Dad: “Siri, is it going to rain today?”
Siri: “Yes, it looks like it is going to rain today.”
Me: “Oh, that’s no fun.”
Dad: “Siri, are we going to have fog today?” 
Siri: “Doesn’t look like fog in Toronto today.”
All of us laugh out loud, since we’re in Montreal, not Toronto. Canada is new to Siri on the latest iOs update and she’s apparently still confused. But he then asked: "Is there fog in Montreal today?"
Siri: "It doesn't look like it's going to fog in Montreal today."
Hmm... Siri... you're wrong....!
Then Sean’s classmate’s dad asks if any of the kids want to ask Siri a question. Sean’s friend asks about what movie she should watch, and Sean asks about Star Wars. So the dad then asks, “Is Star Wars a good movie?”
And Siri replies: “This might start a debate….”
And I had a good hard laugh, much needed! 
Next upgrade, I want Siri!


Gabriela said...

Oh Siri! That's one smart cookie, I don't think anyone really wants to get into that debate. If I get Siri on a future upgrade I'm going to have her call me "Your Highness"

Kerry said...

I love Siri! We like to ask her questions we know she can't possibly answer. Like where we left the car keys. Or what we had for breakfast. Too much fun! LOL

TACIStudio said...

Even if it's just for a fun laugh...I have Siri and she never understands my questions with my accent ... We also laugh a lot, since she answer lots of questions I never asked in the firts place...:) fun times!,