Monday, October 08, 2012

Monday Morning Link Love

- What a strong, intelligent and beautiful woman.
- Love this clutch. And in purple too.
- Love this Cat Borhdi hat design.
- Love this picture (mostly the sweater!)
- Loving these wall scrabble tiles!
- Cake batter bark looks YUMMY!
- I want to hang this in the boys room!
- We LOVE stuffed peppers, but I think next time I want to try it in the crock pot!
- Love this scrappy tutu!
- Love the earring & the piercing placement.
- LOVE this lost treasures from pant pockets idea.
- What a good idea to add socks to tees to make them long sleeve!
- Love this superhero cape tutorial.
- LOVE this bedroom!
- Purple makes everything better.
- Love this water bottle with storage compartment.
- Love this Tea Organizer!
- I need one of these!
- With the cooler weather approaching fast, love this knitted cowl.
- Need to sew up one of these ear bud pouches.
- I need to get some herb scissors for the kitchen.
- This weight loss simulator is pretty neat! I'd ideally like to lose another 5-8 lbs, but according to the simulator I'd still look the same, lol.
- These superhero socks are AWESOME!
- I love these crochet stars!
- What a fun bowl!
- This product is genius!
- Loving this puzzle necklace!
- Love this plate!
- Love these pancake bites!
- Purple and sexy!
- We are Eagles fans over here... Go Eagles!
- This is an AWESOME (DIY) bunk bed!
- Love these shirts.
- This made me laugh!
- Love this batmobile!


Gabriela said...

Always love your Monday Links! The cowl looks like a simple, fast project, I pinned it so I can go back and find the pattern when I'm ready to make it.

TACIStudio said...

Love all your findings... So fun!

Kerry said...

As always, you've shared some incredible finds!