Sunday, September 14, 2014

Comic Con Montreal 2014


This weekend we took 2 (of the 3) kids to Comic Con Montreal. This is my 3rd year going. Two years ago (September 2012) I dressed up as Wonder Woman (and no one else in my family dressed up). Last year (September 2013) I dressed up as Rainbow Brite and the rest of my crew were Superman, Darth Vadar & Batman. This year, we planned in advance and we went with a DC theme. We were the Bat Family. Batgirl, Batman, Joker & Robin.It was TOTALLY awesome. (I think I look great in red hair! I haven’t been red in many years. (This was a wig… not my natural hair).


We had a lot of fun. Lots of people asked to take our picture. I keep checking to see if any of them will show up on other instagram feeds, with comic con hashtags, or photo mapping of Palais des Congrais.


I even got to meet Stephen Amell, who plays Oliver Queen aka “Arrow” on Arrow. I am a huge fan of him & the show. I got a picture of him autographed. I wanted to do the photo op too, but hundreds of people stood in line to do so, and with the 2 kids there was no way we were able to wait a few hours from 515pm. The kids were exhausted and wanted to leave by 4-430pm. Either way he liked our costumes and he shook my hand, and that was awesome enough! And he let me take a picture of him signing my photo.

Now we must start thinking about what we will do for costumes for next year. Next year we will bring Quentin with us (this year, at almost 4 he’s still a bit of a handful and keeping an eye on 2 kids was a lot of work in a crowded place, we didn’t want to be outnumbered with all 3 kids, especially since Quentin doesn’t sit still). We’re thinking a Marvel theme for next year since this year we went with DC.


Hattie Tavares said...

So awesome! I don't think we have anything like that near us but no one here is really into that (in my family anyway). But it would still be fun to go I think.

Kerry said...

Absolutely awesome! You all looked great and I love that you did a theme. Glad you had a great time!

Monica said...

SMOKIN' certainly can rock red hair!! You guys look adorable...curious what you'll dress up as next year!!

Teena in Toronto said...

You guys look awesome!

It was here in Toronto a couple weeks ago. My doctor got her picture taken with William Shatner, which cost her $91! She has it proudly sitting on her desk :)

Spinner said...

OMG you look incredible! What a fun day :) And definitely keep that wig!

g-girl said...

love the red wig! :) You look fantastic in your batgirl outfit! I can't wait to find out what you guys decide to do for next year. :)