Friday, September 12, 2014

Expensive Happy Meal Toy

- Happy Meal with Toy: 3.99$+tx
- Plumber to get flushed toy out of toilet: 100$
- Plumber puts back toilet (after having to remove toilet) and now it’s leaking, so he send us to Costco for a new toilet: 94.99$+tx
- Plumber comes back to install toilet: 50$
- Hoping my almost 4 year old learned his lesson and won’t ever do that again… PRICELESS


Hattie Tavares said...

Oh no!!! I hope he learned! Poor mom and dad.

Monica said...

You are kidding!!!! I would have LOST IT!

Spinner said...

oh no! We've had that happen here too. Didn't go back to McD for a VERY long time.

g-girl said...

oh no!! it cost more to get the stickin' toy out of the toilet than it did to replace the toilet. :P sounds like a future scientist to me!