Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Habs Experience


Friday night, I got to experience the experience of a lifetime. Jamie & I were supposed to go out for dinner to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary, and when he told me that he turned down playing on ice at the Bell Center for his teammates’ birthday, I told him that we could go out for a late dinner, is he crazy!???


When we got there, we got to go behind the scenes of the Bell Center. As a Habs fan, this was extremely amazing. (Above Zamboni Parking and where the Zamboni comes out to clean the ice).


We walked down the hallway where the “away” team gets dressed before games. That was the locker room the boys were in to dress.


The birthday boy went all out and borrowed official practice jerseys from the Habs, for Friday night’s game. He even went to the extent to get plaques made for all his friends/teammates with everyone’s first name initial & last names. This was a very nice added touch.


This was the view, before the game, behind one of the goalie nets.


(Left) The view from center ice.
(Right) This is where the Habs come out from their dressing room before games. The doors were actually unlocked and we peaked in (curious of course!) but there were nails and wood everywhere, as it’s all under construction.


(Left) My tush is on sacred ground. This is the bench that the Habs sit on during games.
(Right) Jamie & I.


The boys actually sang their own rendition of the National Anthem before the game. I recorded them singing. I need to upload it to YouTube one of these days.


My brother’s girlfriend (left) wanted to learn how to knit, so during the game she worked on the knit stitch). I got some knitting done on a gift that I will talk about later this week.


The boys playing.


When the game was over, the boys all shook hands. And then they decided they needed to do some stretching.


I got to go on the ice. Some girlfriends brought skates to go on afterwards, however since we were going out for a late dinner after, I didn’t bring skates this year. Maybe next year if we get to do the same thing again next year. Next year I would definitely bring my skates & get on! We were 5 ladies in the 21,273 seats that the Bell Center has. (3 girlfriends, 1 wife (myself) and 1 sister of the players).


It was definitely an experience I’ll never forget. I’ve never gotten the opportunity to do something like this before, and I don’t know if this will be an annual thing that Jamie will get invited to, or not. Regardless, it was a lot of fun, and it was very awesome. No other words to describe.


Spinner said...

OMG that is AMAZING! I may not know much about hockey but I AM Canadian and I know what an experience that must have been. SO cool! Great way to celebrate your anniversary! Sounds like a lot of fun :) Jamie must have been over the moon!

elns said...

What an amazing experience! Happy Anniversary!

Kerry said...

So very cool!!! I'm so glad you got to do this! Looks and sounds like everyone had a great time!

Teena in Toronto said...

Wow! Very cool! So exciting to hang where the Habs hang and play. There's no way I'd be passing up that opportunity!

Monica said...

I read your post a while back, and just realized I never said WOW, how cool! If only every anniversary celebration were like that, right?

g-girl said...

Well, it looks like everyone had a fantastic time and this is going down in the record books for you. :) hopefully there will be a next time and you'll get to skate on the ice too!