Friday, December 19, 2014

Melanie’s Bow Hat


I got an email in the fall, from a mom of a girl in my son Mackenzie’s grade 1 class. It was a picture of her daughter’s hello kitty pink jacket. I emailed her back asking her if she sent it to me by mistake. Her reply was “I emailed it to you because Mackenzie told Melanie that you would knit her a hat to match her jacket”.

Oh, that funny 6 year old of mine!


So, what’s a mom to do?

So, as promised, I knit her the hat.


I knit up the Ribbons and Bows Beanie by Lillebarn by April Lowe. Here is my ravelry project. I used Berroco Vintage in a pink shade that is now discontinued (51106) along with white (5100) on 4.5mm needles. Hat weighs 56g total.


Melanie absolutely LOVES her hat & wanted to go to sleep that night she got it, in it…


mommar6 said...

How sweet of you to take the time to knit a hat for Mackenzie's friend. It would have been so easy to say no at this busy time of year. It turned out so cute and she seems to really love it. Thanks for reminding us that we can take time out to do things like this. I'm so glad that she really appreciates what you made for her.

Teena in Toronto said...

It's so cute and goes well with her coat :)

That must have been a funny email to receive. Huh?! Ha!