Saturday, December 20, 2014

Persephone Handpaints Cowl


I’ve been wanting to work with this yarn (King Cole Bamboozle) for a while, since getting it into the shop. I saw a cowl on Ravelry that used a similar yarn by another company and it was perfect for this cowl. The pattern is Persephone Handpaints Cowl by Michael del Vecchio. The pattern calls for 6 mm needles, which this yarn also calls for, so it was perfect. I used only 65g of the skein.


The pattern says when “you come upon a wool section of yarn, then double wrap all st as follows: Insert ndl in to next st, wrap yarn around ndl twice, pull loops out of st and sl st off LH ndl 3 times, knit to next wool section.”

With my yarn, the Bamboozle by King Cole my wool (roving) sections are a tad longer than the Universal Yarn Bamboo Bloom Handpaints that is used in the original pattern, so I did about 4-5 stitches with the double wraps on my cowl. Effect is really cool.

Another idea for a quick Christmas gift!

You can see this cowl on display at the shop.

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Kerry said...

That is awesome!!! When you have time could you tell me what colors you have available? I have to knit one!