Saturday, December 06, 2014

Quentin’s 1st time skating


This evening we took the kids skating. It was Quentin’s first time ever on the ice. At first he hated it. He told me “I hate skating, I want to go home”.

But then he gave it a try. And was doing pretty good.

And by the end of the evening, I have no idea where that kid who started off the evening by hating skating went, and he was skating without the bar! I was beyond impressed. Hockey in 2015, here we come!


Kerry said...

That's one awesome smile! Go Q!!!

Teena in Toronto said...

He skates better than I do :)

g-girl said...

yay! well, it's obviously in his genes. :) love his mittens and I am glad that by the end of the evening, he was lovin' it.

SapphireBlue said...

He has the genetics for ice skating. Amazing job. You wouldn't want to see me out there. I would break something.

Spinner said...

Clearly it's in the genes. Love the big smile :) We never got that with skating, but snowboarding is a hit. Now Daddy has to take a lesson tomorrow so he can go with him!!