Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Self Night

This is the image that we've chosen for the 8x10's that we have included in our wedding package. We will be getting 10 - 8x10's (not all of this picture, but almost 7 of them will be - I think). I ordered another one for myself, and my mom ordered also a different pose. I hope to have them by Friday, so I can frame them and give them to Jamie's mom and step-mom along with their other mother's day presents this weekend.

Today, class was kinda dragging on. On Tuesdays, I only have one class from 12-4pm, and I am starting to feel that 4 hours is a LONG class. I didn't realize that I had to have something finished by today in class, so I got my ass on it, and got it finished. I got my layout approved for a pamphlet I have to do this semester for my montage class (layout) and it's with images and text we were provided with. It's not too creative, but we have freedom with the layout, so that's nice. And the images are quite nice Black & Whites that we have to turn into duotones.

After class, I got stood up for the apartment showing at 7 pm. I am really upset. I finally got intouch with the lady at about 9:30pm and she was like "Oh, so sorry, I totally forgot, I just got in from work, feeding my kids now, etc" She still wants to come, so this woman, Patti, will come tomorrow. At least she's coming back - and I'm not losing out on a potential tenant, you know?

My office is a mess, and I can't stand it. It's starting to really annoy me. I just CANT keep it clean. Mainly it's my desk. Huge huge huge mess. Which sucks. I need to clean up my office majorly, as in a short few months I will be losing my office, and moving my desk - as my office will become the baby's room.

Took a self night tonight. Jamie has some friends over for the hockey game (playoff's) and I've been doing laundry. (Washing the stains out of the hand-me-down baby clothes I got from my sister's friend). I've been doing a great job, and all the clothes are back to almost new! I think my sister's friend needs to learn what STAIN REMOVER is! May do her some good when her daughter starts walking and playing at the park in sand and in the grass..... it may become her best friend. It's already become mine (hubby plays softball).... stain remover = good.

Today was a good day. No nausea and no sickness. Praying for a good day tomorrow too.

Alright. Calling it a night. Going to crawl into bed with Pregnancy for Dummies. (By far the best book I'm reading, besides What to Expect While Expecting).

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