Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Yarn Shopping & Summer Tires

I got a really sweet present from my sister today. It was really nice of her.
This calendar.

This record book. Which is apparently out of print. Can't find it online anywhere, but this crummy image (I'll photograph it better).

I picked up sock yarn for Jamie's socks today while with Angela (after I finally got my summer tires (and rims!) put back on my car.

I also picked up one ball of Regia - I fell in love with colour number 4726 (Columbia) Canadian Colour.

There are a few other canadian colours I want - but in due time I'll eventually get them and knit them up into nice socks. Right now I love: Montreal, Quebec, Manitoba and Calgary (so nice Calgary!) Oh Edmonton is nice too, I love reds/yellows/oranges and Vancouver too! I am totally ADDICTED to sock yarn right now, LOVE IT.

I also bought 4 x 100g balls of Smooth Dk - King Cole - in this colour: (802)

It's gorgeous. And so soft. I think it'll make a gorgeous clapotis. The pattern is by Kate Gilbert - whom I believe is still living in Montreal currently, and I've met at Montreal Knits!

I'm dying for a complete set of Bamboo DPN's. I love my bamboo circulars, and am really happy with this seller on ebay.

I had a nice day with Angela today - we even went into the FANCIEST McDonalds I've ever seen (equipped with computers and video games for kids? What has this world come to?) I've never been into such a "high tech" McDonalds! Anyhow, I filled my craving for a cheeseburger - which is all I've been craving lately - how funny....!

We didn't make it to Mouline - as promised - but we did go to the LYS in Pointe-Claire - forget what it's called - and so we got some yarn shopping in.

Came home - showed the apartment to two people- Patti who ditched me yesterday and to Ms. W, and Patti took an application "in case" - as she needed to talk to her husband, but Ms. W and her mother Mrs. W filled out an application on the spot. They want me to credit check tomorrow and they're intersted in a lease. I got a better vibe from them than the 6 people from Monday. Ms. Wilson is 5 people, but it seems like yes there are kids, but she lives with her mother, so there would be older people as well. So the majority won't be kids running around - like the couple from Monday - which it would be 4 kids from the ages of 5 to 17 running above our heads.

Today was a good day - no nausea - up until now. I'm starting to feel queasy. And I didn't do much this evening besides sit on the couch with Jamie - watch Lost and a bit of Law & Order and knit... Why do I feel like crap?? BLECH! Well, I think that's all for today. More tomorrow!

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