Thursday, March 21, 2013

Coolest Experience of my Life


The coolest experience of my life was flying Tim Air in a Cessna from Montego Bay to Negril in Jamaica this past January. Our pilot was Fraser and he was super cool. On the way to Negil I flew with my family of 5, along with my dad, and on the way home, my brother & his girlfriend joined us as well. Honestly, it was one of the coolest experience of my life.



Isn’t the scenery stunning? Look at the turquoise water!


This is a video (above) of us in the Cessna taking off from Montego Bay to Negril on the first day of our vacation. I sat in the 3rd row (we were 6 of us plus the pilot on board). I took video of us landing, but my camera battery died while I was filming and the video file is corrupted. I’m not sure if there is a way to salvage the file? Does anyone have any ideas?

This is a video (above) of us in the Cessna taking off from Negril to Montego Bay on the way home from our vacation, to catch our flight from Montego Bay to Montreal. On the way home, I sat in the first row behind the pilot and my father. (Both ways I sat in the same row as Quentin).

This is a video (above) of us landing in Montego Bay in the Cessna. My dad was giving me the play by play with how many feet we had until we landed (not sure why, lol).


Sandra said...

our old neighbours at the cottage had a combination wheeled/float plane and would fly from their home (in farm country - they had a runway built in their field there) to the cottage. I hitched a ride with them once, and often went flying with Mike around the lake - noting like it!Much as I adore our new neighbours, I do miss flying!

Anonymous said...

Very cool!!!


Spinner said...

Oh man, that does look incredible. So the question is, who was more excited? You or your kids?

Monica said...

This is quite the experience. My son would freak out! With excitement I mean;-)

g-girl said...

SO cool! Why does it the take off seem less stressful than in a big plane??

TACIStudio said...

That is so much fun Robyn. I have been in a private plane before, but it made me so crazily sick I couldn't really enjoy it:(. That looks like a lot of fun :)