Saturday, March 16, 2013

Visiting Kindergarten


Mack visited Sean's kindergarten class yesterday for Sean's St Patrick's day party. Mack had no daycare yesterday (he didn't go on the field trip his class was going on) and he is fearing Kindergarten (Mack is shy and sensitive). Sean's teacher and I felt it would be a good opportunity to bring Mack in to see the classroom (which more than likely be Mack's kindergarten class (of 4 classes) in the fall as teachers tend to take siblings as they already know the family, etc.) so he sees Sean in his class environment and sees there is nothing to fear about kindergarten. From saying last week that he doesn't want to ever go to kindergarten, and that he will whisper so no one can hear him and he won't speak French (English only – school is French Immersion) and that he will sit in the back of the class (not that there is a “back of the class” in kindergarten, but he doesn’t know that) and away from everyone, he did not want to leave the class at the end of the party, is success to me! Our plan to introduce Mack to kindergarten so the fear of unknown subsides was a good one!

Parents/Teacher 1, Fear 0.


Gabriela said...

That's great that he had the opportunity to go and see his big brother in the school environment. I imagine it will be easier for him now that he has been there. I'm glad the teacher was open to having him "shadow" his brother for the party.

Anonymous said...

so cute!!

V :)

Anonymous said...

Great idea taking Mack to visit Sean's class! You're an awesome mum! :)

Caroline said...

That's a great idea! How is Sean doing with French this year? I wish I could hear him speak it!

g-girl said...

Parties are always a great way to win shy kids over! Maybe Mack can come in on a regular day too. At our school, if we notice that a child is having a hard time adjusting, we suggest that the child go half day until he or she feels ready to do full day.