Sunday, March 03, 2013

The Perfect Pattern?


I got this skein of yarn, 6 and a half years ago, in a swap I was in. The dyer of this yarn has passed away, so it’s a one of a kind skein, and I cannot get any more of this yarn. I have about 260 yards to work with. I’ve cast on 2 projects with this yarn, but have frogged both of them. Because it’s a one of a kind skein, it had to be the perfect project. And I finally found one.

I cast on Thursday night at knit/crochet night.

And as of dinner time last night, I had done about 30% of the hat. As of this morning, I’d say I’m about 50%, maybe 55% done. I just hope it fits… It seems like it might just be a tad tight… It’s flying off the needles, and I think it might just be the perfect pattern. I should have a finished object soon. I went through a phase at the beginning of this year with reading going a lot more quickly than my knitting, but I’m finally getting back on track with my knitting, I guess because I found a project that I actually want to knit. (Same way with reading – when I find I really get into a book, it gets read a lot quicker). Hopefully it was just a phase, where I was just knitting at knit/crochet night, and neglecting it otherwise. It was probably because there haven’t been any projects lately that I have wanted  to work on at home as well.


SapphireBlue said...

I think that's just life in general. Either we're busy or we're just not in the mood. Hopefully, on my Spring Break, I can get caught up on TV shows and knitting.

Teena said...

I love the colours!

Gabriela said...

That color is beautiful and it looks like it will work up into a great hat!

Anonymous said...

it's going to look great on you, Robyn!!

g-girl said...

The hat looks good. How's the fit? Many of my old yarn purchases are hard to find patterns for. I haven't been working on too many projects either..mostly hats though!