Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hockey Season


Sean’s hockey season with our city team is coming to an end. This weekend is the last weekend before the summer break. Sean is already registered for hockey from April until June at another place, and will probably take private goalie sessions as well over the summer. He wants to play goalie next year in Novice. We have a family full of goalies (my brother, my nephew, etc… no wonder Sean wants to be goalie!)


Sean’s been taking turns this season playing goalie (they don’t really have set goalies in MAHG). Only once the kids get to Novice, do that have set positions. Above, Sean is in white, just in front of the net #12). Below, is from a tournament he played, when he was goalie. Sean is just an all around athlete. If he’s interested in the sport, he can play it. He just got his report card last week and again he got an A in phys. ed. (gym). (Along with 4 other A’s! And 2 B’s!) Very proud of Sean.



TACIStudio said...

He's such a handsome boy!

Teena said...

A fella I work with has a coupe boys in hockey and it's so cool hearing stories about them.

Caroline said...

What a super cute hockey player! Julien is really into sports too. I didn't want to be a hockey mom but maybe I'll have to!

Monica said...

What a cutie! An athlete and a great student! He's setting a great example for his brothers!

g-girl said...

I love his trading card! Well, we all knew that he is an athlete!