Saturday, April 06, 2013

Ashley Barron :: Short Story Review

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I recently received copies of Ashley Barron’s 3 ebooks, The Angel, Famous and The Birthday to read & review.

The Angel :: I am not sure how I feel yet about the after-life and about angels if they really exist or not. The writing in this short story flows and has made me question getting old and what I believe happens when one passes on. Do angels really exist? Do they help us with crossing over to the "next part" of our existence? Is there a next part to our existence? This could stir up a whole lot of debate. I normally don't pick up books on the subject of after-life but was curious about this story since II had already read the other 2  short stories by Ashley Barron and like her style of writing.

Famous :: This short story is about a woman whose father has either dementia or Alzheimer's, it's never really said in the story but both dementia and Alzheimer's is mentioned at the end of the story. My grandmother has Alzheimer's right now at a pretty late stage. I felt like I knew exactly what the main character was going through by not wanting to visit (because it is too hard to face). I know my grandmother still loves me even though half the time she mixes me or my kids up with someone else. I like the way the author writes, it's all very real. I like it when I read something that is true rather than far fetched.

The Birthday :: This was a really heart-warming short story. Being a mother and wife myself, the words that were written felt real to me. Her son acted the way my eldest would when trying to get what he wanted. The way she saw her family rang true. I wish I could have read more about the rest of the birthday evening. Did they end up at the theatre? Was there a surprise birthday in the end? I can't wait to read more by Ashley Barron.

I gave all 3 short stories a 4 star rating on Goodreads.

I was given copies of The Angel, Famous & The Birthday in exchange for my honest review.

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