Sunday, April 28, 2013

Writing Workshops


Yesterday I had the pleasure of seeing author Catherine McKenzie at two of her workshops in downtown Montreal. She is the author of 3 novels (Spin, Forgotten & Arranged), with a 4th book (Hidden) coming out this June. I have read all her novels, and loved them. Catherine was giving 2 workshops yesterday, one called How to Write Dialogue and the other called How to Find Your Voice. I took Dialogue Writing last year which Catherine hosted with author Shawn Klomparens, and enjoyed it. This year, it was the same outline, but with new faces in the crowd for the workshop, new things were talked about and it was extremely interesting. I have always loved writing, and possibly have some ideas in my head that I might just start to put on paper. The 2nd workshop, on finding your voice was very interesting as well. I learned a bit about the tense that books are written in (first person, third person, present, past tense, etc). According to Catherine, I have to just “DO IT”! I took some notes, I have some ideas, now I just need to get started. Above, Catherine was reading an excerpt from Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl to then ask us about the tense that it was written in.


TACIStudio said...

You should really "just do it" ...just start it and you will see how much inspiration just flow once you let your wings guide you... I hope you feel inspired by your class and push your dreams forward :)
Ps : I put the package in the mail for you since April 2nd, hope it gets there :)

Anonymous said...

loved reading her books and look forward to the new one coming out soon .. glad you had a good time!

Vicki :)

Teena in Toronto said...

Very cool! I like her stuff.

g-girl said...

I have you just done it yet?? ;)