Sunday, June 30, 2013

KOA Camping


Last weekend we decided to take the kids camping. We were originally planning to stay close to home (not too far from Montreal) but it was pouring rain in Quebec, so we decided to drive away from the rain, and ended up at the KOA in Mallorytown, Ontario. Above left, Sean worked hard to help us set up the tents, and above right, is our camp site with our 2 tents.


The kids had a blast roasting marshmallows over the campfire.


Quentin was my tent-mate. Everyone else slept in the other tent.


The kids spent one full day by the pool. They loved it.


They had fun jumping in the water, and making new friends. (Sean is Mr. Popular!)


The new friends they made got them to help search for frogs at the pond in the campground. With my help (they needed long arms) they caught a frog. We put him gently back in the pond after, don’t worry! I think I might need to get my boys some fishing nets!


The property at the Mallorytown KOA is really nice. The staff is extremely helpful and friendly. I definitely recommend this campground and we hope to make it back there sometime maybe this summer, we’ll see how the summer goes, and how the weather holds up. Mallorytown is about 15 minutes past Brockville, Ontario, which is about 2 hours from the west island of Montreal.


Quentin my cutie, relaxing in a camping chair surfing the apps on his iPod. He’s too funny. KOA’s offer free wifi service and this allowed him to have endless hours of Caillou (ick!) and Elmo videos on Youtube during relax time.


Marga said...

We've stayed there a few times as well, the KOA in Kingston is really great for kids as well with a pool, playground, and evening hay/wagon ride.

Teena said...

I'm not a camper but that looks like fun :)

SapphireBlue said...

I've never stayed at KOA, but that looks like so much fun.

g-girl said...

how'd you sleep? I'm not a camper, myself but it looks like you guys had a great time!