Sunday, December 01, 2013

Arm Knitting


I wanted to try out arm knitting, which a client called me about. She wanted to know what yarn was suitable, told me which video to watch, so I did, and asked for my recommendation of a yarn to use for it. So I set out on a hunt. This is the video I watched:


I grabbed 2 skeins of Berroco Vintage Chunky, in a color that I liked, and tried it out.

It was a neat idea. I had fun doing it. My husband looked at me funny while I tried to do it. I had fun. I do think however that Vintage Chunky double stranded is not thick enough to do this project, you really need a super bulky yarn for it. I might have something in my stash at home that could work.


I might try this again, with the proper yarn next time. If you make one, let me know how it turns out! Here is my project on Ravelry.


Taciana Simmons said...

Looks like fun!

Monica said...

Something to try this winter!! Looks cool!

AshAsh said...

I'm thinking Rowan Big Wool or Spud & Chloe Outer would be good.

SapphireBlue said...

I have never heard of that before.

Open Roads Mama said...

THAT is amazing! :) Beautiful! It does look complicated and a little funny, but once you get into the idea, it looks like it's managable ;) Must try! Will let you know how it turns out.

Teena in Toronto said...

I've never heard of arm knitting. I just watched the video ... very cool!

g-girl said...

I was going to try this with my enrichment class @ school but I knew I didn't have bulky enough yarn. Did you try it again?