Sunday, December 22, 2013

Cameo Scarves

I decided to make the teachers Christmas gifts this year. I was going to be ambitious and make all 16 gifts that I was giving out, however, in the end I only ended up making 6 scarves and the other 10 gifts got a store bought gift, with some chocolates. I ended up running out of time, which is why I didn’t end up making all 16 of them, otherwise I would have.


The Cameo Scarf is a very fun & easy pattern on the back of the ball band. It’s not listed on Ravelry, but it’s by Estelle and available free as a PDF on their website. Above left is Quentin’s daycare coordinator, Fatiha & on the right is Quentin’s teacher Karlene.


It’s knit up using 10 mm needles and it took me an hour each scarf (I timed it out of sheer curiosity). Above left is Quentin’s teacher Stella and above right is Quentin’s teacher Tina.


It’s a great project to make for a gift and I’ll probably make up a bunch more of these in the future. Above left is Mackenzie’s Kindergarten teacher Mme Fran├žoise & on the right is Sean’s grade 1 teacher Mme Catherine.

The rest of the support staff that I gave gifts to (Bus driver, Elementary school office staff, lunch ladies, Sean & Mack’s after school daycare teachers/daycare staff), I got them an adorable picture frame snow globe (that resembles this one) with some chocolates. I also gave the teachers along with their scarf, a snow globe & chocolates. Everything was well received & I even got an email from a friend of mine, who is also a lunch mom at the school, that the snow globes were a huge hit. Brownie points well received.

What did you do for teachers/daycare Christmas gifts? Curious to hear about what you did!


Sanja T said...

My daughter has one teacher and I took the easy way out and bought a gift card for Starbucks and a mug. I love the scarves. Wish I thought of that.

Love of Cuteness

Teena in Toronto said...

Looks great! I didn't understand the pattern, though. Is it hard ... or is it just me?

Spinner said...

The person I most wanted to give something to was our crossing guard. He alone is the reason A is not completely squashed. We have to cross a pretty major street on our way to and from school and A runs full-tilt every time so he can be first to push the button. If it weren't for Peter I think my heart would have stopped one too many times. I gave him a Tim's gift card and some really warm mittens. I was in charge of coordinating a gift for N's teacher. She's incredible so everyone wanted to do a lot (she's also leaving in February so that's adding to it) but I had to reign them in at $20 each. This left us with a rather substantial gift card for $300. This seems crazy on the one hand and totally awesome on the other. The kids each wrote her a letter and drew a picture. She sobbed all over them.
I like your plan of something individual and I can't even imagine handmade for everyone. Ours felt a little impersonal.

SapphireBlue said...

Great job on those scarves. The teachers make for great models.

g-girl said...

It looks really good on Stella! I'm still holding out for a handmade gift for the holidays. I do get lots of store bought scarves, mitts, and hats though. I now have run out of room for everything!