Monday, June 18, 2012

First Day


Quentin started daycare today. He went for just a few hours in the morning, and stayed for lunch. His teachers weren’t ready for him at nap time yet, so I picked him up just before the others went down for their nap. He took off running into the class when I dropped him off. Wanted nothing to do with me. THANKS QUENTIN!!! My baby starts daycare, and he’s totally independent. Actually, I think that made it SO much easier on me. Tomorrow he’ll go for just a little bit in the morning, as we have one of our last music classes in the late morning, which I don’t want him to miss. I’m hoping we can work up so that by the end of the week he’s napping at daycare too. I need him to be there all day by the end of the week, so that I don’t have to chase him around while I’m in Mackenzie’s classroom for his year end concert. (I can’t wait to see Mackenzie perform, it’s all he talks about!)

I forgot what bliss it is to run errands without a child in tow. I was able to take care of a few things this morning while Quentin was in daycare. Normally, I work from home, but I managed to finish up all today’s work last night while Jamie was at baseball, so I had time this morning to check off a few other items on my to do list.

Hopefully tomorrow goes as smoothly as today went. I’m also loving (for now, until Sean starts Kindergarten) this one stop drop off.


Jules said...

glad it went well - M also could care less when I pick her up/drop her off at school. One day she'll need me for something, right? LOL

TACIStudio said...

How nice... Enjoy yr free time! I remember when those couple hours a day were so productive... My kids are teens now, but we still have lots of fun together... :)

g-girl said...

That's great Quentin just ran into daycare. I hope today was just as easy!

sapphireblue said...

Awww! He will love getting to play with other kids and you will be able to get a break.