Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Morning Link Love

- Totally need to make some of these zucchini chips. Soon we should have tons of zucchini in the garden.
- Did you hear about the daredevil who tightrope walked across Niagara Falls (on Friday)? CRAZY!
- My boys would flip for these box cars!
- These Not So Classic Chocolate Filled Strawberries look awesome.
- Love this cute beaded bracelet.
- This crockpot applesauce recipe look yummy!
- Love this pumpkin lollypop holder. (Is it wrong if I'm thinking about Halloween in June?)
- I love the way this playroom is organized - fantastic idea!
- Love this girls hair color (and the hearts too!)
- Love this bath apron idea!
- I hate balloons (when they pop) but like the idea of ice marbles!
- Love this cute scrapbook idea.
- This cookie pie looks DELICIOUS!
- This door idea is pretty genius!
- I think I need to make some grapesicles!
- Love this baseball room!
- This chair is hysterical!
- Love these hug tokens. (They have lots of other tokens too!)
- Love this wood watch.
- Love this picture frame idea.
- These shorts are super cute.
- I think I need to suction Q's sippy cup to his booster seat - neat idea.
- Love this guestbook idea.
- Beautiful hair.
- I really need to make one of these for our house.
- LOVE this summer dress.
- Potty training in 3 days? Yes please!
- Oh, what a sexy dress!
- These smart wallets are awesome.
- Love these mugs.
- What an awesome cake idea!
- LOVE this ring!
- When I'm ready to cut my hair again, I love this angled bob.
- This car seat pillow is great.
- What a great Tunisian crochet tutorial.
- LOVE this tattoo.


late2class said...

Thank you so much for linking to my Crock Pot Applesauce Recipe. It really is simple and delicious

Susan Dikeman said...

Thanks for linking back to my Cookie Pie recipe! It's delicious, hope you try it! :-)