Sunday, September 16, 2012

Comic Con Montreal 2012


Yesterday Jamie & I took the kids to this year’s Comic Con festival here in Montreal. I surprised the heck out of Jamie and dressed up as Wonder Woman. He totally didn’t think that I’d do it (after borrowing the costume from a friend of my brothers). Even though the costume was slightly too big, I made it work with some safety pins and a bustier. I got asked plenty if people could take my photos (which I obliged) and got a lot of “you’re a really cool mom” and “you look fantastic”! Last year, 40/50 lbs heavier than I am today, I would NEVER have dressed up, but now that I have lost a lot of weight, I have more confidence to pull stuff like this off. And you know what? I’m only young once, so why not! I had an awesome time. The only requests I turned down, was to those who asked for the kids to be in the photo, since they thought it was awesome that Wonder Woman was pushing a stroller. I rejected the kids being the photos floating around. It’s one thing for me to blog or put photos of my kids up on Facebook, (I shrink the images to web size so they’re not enlargeable) but for them to have full resolution photos of my children, I wasn’t cool with that.

I got to meet Adam Baldwin, who played General John Casey on Chuck. He wasn’t there for Chuck though, but had some Chuck images along with other images and I got him to autograph a photo (of him on Chuck, since that’s where I know him from). I was extremely disappointed that he was a tad cold and refused any pictures. When he wasn’t signing autographs, he was glued to his cell phone, which made him look disinterested in even being there. Jamie got to meet Malcolm McDowell, and got a Clockwork Orange picture signed. Malcolm on the other hand was super cool and Jamie got to sit down with him for a photo.

The kids had a fantastic time too, and even Quentin was a super trooper especially since he skipped his afternoon nap. What an awesome time we had as a family, and I cannot wait for next year’s Comic Con already. Next year though, I’m hoping we find a theme and we all dress up together. I was the only one from us 5 that dressed up, the boys refused to dress up (and I didn’t have anything that Quentin would have fit into, otherwise he would not have complained in a costume, he’s still too young). The boys did wear superhero tshirts though, so they had some spirit. There’s always next year!


Kerry said...

Whoa Mama! LOL You look great! Glad to hear you had such an awesome time. You're right, you're only young once and life's short so you should enjoy it while you can.

TACIStudio said...

That is so fun... Good for you enjoying every minute of a fun moment with your boys! You do look great ... , good job Robyn!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! You look awesome in that costume, Robyn! sounds like a lot of fun.

sapphireblue said...

You look amazing!

Why someone do a public appearance and not want to be in photos.

g-girl said...

:D Go mama! Go mama! ;) Work it, girl. I thought of Penny on the Big Bang Theory when I saw you dressed up as wonder woman! That is awesome that Jamie met Malcolm McDowell!

Anie, kale said...

you look awesome Robyn!!!!
this picture made me super happy