Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Robyn Day Camp


Sean was home for an entire week and a half before kindergarten started on August 29th. At the same time, his best friend was done summer camp and his mom couldn't take off work to stay home with him, so we watched him for the 7 work days between camp and school starting. (Above the boys were doing some water color painting in a book I picked up for them).


As an activity, I took the boys to the grocery store, so we could recycle the cans and bottles of soda. Here in Quebec, you have to pay a .05 cent deposit per bottle or can when you buy soda. When you're done with them, you can bring them back and get your deposit back (incentive to recycle). Since we had a huge pile up of bottles and cans and Jamie wanted them out of the garage, I told the boys, if they helped me recycle them, they could take the money and pick out something from the dollar store. (Sean picked out a pirate costume set, and a ball was picked out for Sean's friend and also for Mackenzie who was at daycare that day, but they didn't want Mack to feel left out). 


On another day, while I was doing work at home, the boys did a make your own face sticker book, and they had fun making silly faces in the book. It kept them busy so I could do some work.


Half the week Mack got to stay home from Daycare and hang out with the boys. We did spend a bit of time at my parents pool. We also had a playdate on another day at the pool with a set of siblings (below), the boy was in Sean's class at daycare and his sister was in Mack's class (she actually just switched daycares for pre-K).



One of the days, I got a letter from Jamie for Sean and a letter from my friend to bring the boys into the USA for the day. Along with my mother, we went to Plattsburgh, New York. I had a list of things I wanted to look for while in the USA. We don't have Target yet (not until 2013 I don't think, but it's coming!) and I like some of the products at Walmart USA over our Walmart here. I was on the hunt for shoes for Sean for Kindergarten, (I got him 2 pairs for the price of 1 pair at home!) and also on my list was 3 matching polo shirts for the boys for an event we have in October. The only place I could find 3 matching polos (in sizes 2t for Quentin, size 5 for Mackenzie and size 6 for Sean) was at Tommy Hilfiger. And with Tommy Hilfiger comes a hefty price. I picked them up anyhow, only because I had 30 days to return them. (At 75$ (with tax) for the 3 shirts, they went back since I found some nice ones by Faded Glory (for $4.97 each!) at Walmart in Plattsburgh). The image above was taken by this mechanical ball thing in the mall in Plattsburgh, which I used to LOVE watching when I was a little girl and our family would take day trips to Plattsburgh. I do have to say that going to the USA isn't what it used to be.... but sometimes you can still find a great deal. We just got Victoria Secret, Target is coming to Quebec in the next year or so, and our first Michaels is opening up September 15th! Who needs to cross the border anymore? I do have friends that go often to grocery shop in the USA, but for me, with the price of gas, it's not worth it).


Lastly, during the week that we had a visitor hanging out with us, I took the boys to review a new art studio that is opening up not too far from our house. We got to check out a mini-workshop in exchange for a review. I am working on that blog post, so stay tuned for that later on this week. It was an awesome experience and I cannot wait to talk about it!

It was a busy and tiring week, but we had a lot of fun. I look forward to running Robyn Day Camp 2013 next summer in between regular summer camp and school starting.


TACIStudio said...

It sounds like a wonderful week before school started! Hope u r enjoying the very last f summer!

Teena in Toronto said...

Can I come hang with you guys for a while ... looks like a lot of fun!