Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Morning Link Love

- Loving this Pre-School/Kindergarten Chore Chart in Blue (or Pink if you have a girl)
- Neat ideas to organize children's clothing.
- How to make your own nail polish!
- Mmmm! No Bake Raspberry-Lemon Cheesecake!
- This car seat cover would have been totally awesome when my guys were little.
- These whole grain chocolate chip cookies look delicious.
- Lusting after this Kitchen Aid Mixer......
- Neat camera strap tutorial.
- Mmmm! Homemade Banana Ice Cream!
- Love this bracelet tutorial.
- I think the boys would find it fun to make suncatchers!
- Tips to maintain a tidy kitchen.
- How to organize the perfect kitchen pantry.
- This silver dress is awesome!
- Totally want these light saber chop sticks!
- Light Sabers using noodles and duct tape! Great for a little boy's birthday party!
- Once all 3 boys are in school, this might be a great idea for organization.
- I want to renew my vows so I can wear this! Wowza!
- Love this chip & dip bowl.
- Make your own Rock Candy!
- Love this pearl & ribbon bracelet.
- I wonder what gum paste cake letters taste like.
- Upset this dress is sold out. STUNNING! And totally my style!
- These aprons are super-awesome!
- I think the boys would get a kick out of putting golf tees in play dough & balancing marbles on top!
- I think my boys would love to color in a lego man!
- Lusting over this reading room.
- Loving these DIY wavy bracelets.
- This is the coolest cereal bowl ever.
- Love this portable drink holder.
-This floating chair/table is awesome.
- Digging this dress. And this one too.
- I totally want to have a pinterest party - anyone local in?
- Mmmm! Chocolate covered cherry bombs!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think I want that reading room too! Plus a bowl of the cherry bombs would be nice :)

Gabriela said...

I had written a comment and then Blogger ate it. In essence I said, I love reading your Monday links! You always find really cool stuff.

kim said...

I have missed reading your Monday links! I've got to get back into this blogging thing. I love the Saks dress too, I just wish I could pull something like that off!

Kerry said...

Lots of neat stuff as usual! The Pinterest Party sounds like a blast!

Mitali Ruths said...

The Pinterest party sounds like a fun idea. I've been toying with the idea of organizing regular craft nights chez moi, and that sounds like a perfect/awesome idea.

TACIStudio said...

So many cool things!