Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Summer Thrifting

Over the summer I did some thrifting. Most of it was at a local thrift store, but some items came from my grandmothers, my in-laws and one item from a friend. I want to show you the neat stuff I found this summer. 

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The first two items (above) are the Baker's Edge Nonstick Edge Brownie Pan, and a little mini travel lite brite! The Brownie Pan I had wanted forever, but couldn't justify the almost 40$ price tag. I got this baby for under 3$ on a sale day at the thrift store. I think I'm obsessed with lite brite! We have 3 flat screen ones, one for each kid (so there's no fighting), which were all thrifted for under 3$ each at the thrift store as well. This little mini travel one, for the price was worth it for the pegs alone. Just need to either cut up some black construction paper for it, or find out where I can get the refill pages for it. (It is just me that finds it weird that the blue travel one is double the price of the red one?)


Next, I found this ADORABLE wood bench, for under 5$. My mouth dropped when I saw the price. It just needed a good cleaning, and I'll probably paint it another color in the spring. I never got around to painting it this summer, but there is always next! I also scored this awesome dish set from my grandmother (my mother's mom).


A friend saw me post on Facebook about second hand golf balls, (I was looking to buy) and her husband had a whole bin of used golf balls that he didn't need, so they gave me 2 dozen golf balls. I had posted about them after one really bad golf day, where I lost about 7 or 8 balls at once course. They kept going into the water. Lucky for me, my friend's hubby had a ton just lying around waiting to come my way. Next, I found a gum ball machine, I think this is the 2nd one I found this summer. I also found a pink one, which I thought I posted on my blog, but I didn't, so it looks like this one, but instead of red, it's a nice bubble gum pink! I'm thinking about filling them with little tiny wound yarn balls, to put on display in my home office. We already have 2 gum balls with actual gum in it (though I wouldn't chew that gum anymore, it's been sitting there for a long time) on display in the house, I think I have a thing for gum ball machines!


Mackenzie scored this travel Hungry Hippo back in the earlier part of the spring when we went to visit our cousins in Ottawa. I checked out a thrift store there, and Mackenzie found this travel game. I'm kind of glad that he found it, because we keep losing the balls to our full size Hungry Hippo game and now he can play without losing the balls! I scored over the summer this AWESOME wicker chair. I still need to crochet it a pillow and a bum rest, but it's just awesome. It's already taken up residence in my home office. Does anyone have any good crochet pillow or bum rest pillow patterns to share the link to? I scored this chair for under 10$. I was thrilled! It's amazing!


These lovely Matryoshka dolls were given to me from my other grandmother (my dad's mother). She's not been doing to well, her Alzheimers has gotten extremely developed and she is now in a nursing home alongside my grandfather (who has some other health issues). When my parents packed up their condo and sold it, some of the cherished treasures got divided up among the family. I got to take home these lovely Russian dolls, and they've also taken up residence in my home office. The lovely Onion Soup bowls, 4 of them came from my mother-in-law. They sold their house and moved into an apartment and when they were packing up the house, they gave away some stuff. We acquired 4 lovely onion soup bowls, from my mother-in-law and then found 2 more to match that are almost identical, at the thrift store. We are a family of 5, so a set of 4 wouldn't cut it. Vintage onion soup bowls are easy to find!

An awesome find I found this summer was this Anniversary Edition set of Scrabble. I think if I remember correctly (it's in my home office and I'm currently not), it's the "Diamond Edition". The tiles are black with silver letters. It's a gorgeous set. If some of the letters were missing, I'd have turned the letters into jewelry and other crafts, but since I counted, and all the tiles are actually in the game, so I'm keeping it as the game. It's awesome!

Another score was Scrabble Apple for under 2$! I cannot wait for the boys to start spelling so that I can start playing games with them that involve spelling. I love scrabble... can you tell? The other great find above is this awesome tea pot with 2 cups, Tea for Two, Me and You... it's adorable! This adorable set was under 3$. Love it. I haven't used it for tea yet, but it's on display in my kitchen.


The last score of the summer was rollerblades for Sean & Mackenzie. Mack's are adjustable over shoes to 4 sizes and Sean's don't require shoes in them, and are also adjustable up to 4 sizes. The boys had a great time rollerblading this summer. The only one without blades right now is Quentin, but he's a tad too young for that.

Have you thrifted anything fun recently? Do share! Thrifting is so much fun. You never know what you're going to find!


Teena in Toronto said...


I don't bake ... why would you want a baking pan like that?

sapphireblue said...

You got some majorly good scores there!

Anonymous said...

That is some serious thrifting! Love the bench, chair and tea set especially. I love thrifting as well. You never know what you will find :)

How did the brownies turn out in that pan anyway...?

g-girl said...

travel lite brite?? I had no idea they made those! love the matroshyka dolls too. :) looks like you had an awesome summer of great finds!