Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Angel Tushies


Quentin is 18 weeks old (Tuesday April 5th)
& Sean is 222 weeks old (Tuesday, April 5th)


Quentin's been trying to twist lately. I think he'll be turning over soon.
He's also very fond of sleeping on his stomach in his rocking chair.
(Though, I had to turn him, he didn't do it by himself).
Whatever works, as long as he naps.


I've been playing around with some new props, and Quentin's been a super duper model. Angel wings arrived in the mail the other day. They are absolutely precious (and tiny!) They'll make a fabulous newborn prop. This shot of Quentin's tush is one of my absolute faves right now.


I love how white makes his blue eyes crystal blue. I really hope his eyes don't change, they are absolutely stunning. I'm trying to enjoy EVERY moment of the first year of his life... it's going way too fast for my liking. He's 18 weeks old already. That's half as long as he was in my belly for (since he was born at 36 weeks).

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sapphireblue said...

Squirmy wormy is going to be wiggling out of that chair soon. He's an adorable model.

Tara said...


g-girl said...

SO cute!!!!

Lana* said...

Thanks so much for the shout out! Love your blog!

dawn said...

What a cute booty it is!

Bea said...

Tuesday April 5th is a good day :) I turned 32 but you didn't say that here. Love those angel wings. That's gonna be a good prop. Have you gotten a lot of clients yet?