Saturday, April 02, 2011

Minor Surgery, Friends & Marshmallow Tushies


Mack turned 145 weeks old on Thursday, March 31, 2011.


Quentin had his follow up with ENT (Ears Nose & Throat) at the Montreal Children's Hospital on Thursday. He is doing exceptionally well, and only has to go back for a follow up around his 1st birthday. We see Respirology in 2 weeks or so, and I'm hoping they say the same thing then too, to come back around his 1st birthday, but we'll see what they have to say.


While we were there, Quentin had minor surgery. The doctor took care of his Tongue Tie and it was a quick procedure. It would have been even quicker if she had froze him properly the first time, I didn't like that she started the job, and then said "Oh, I think he can feel it, I think I should freeze a bit more" Uh.. What?! And halfway through, he was screaming so much (hysterics) that he vomited on the doctor (serves her right for not freezing him properly to begin with). I'm glad it's over & done with. I'm hoping that it heels nicely. It looks like a huge blister under his tongue right now, it's quite upsetting to me to see. I'm hoping he doesn't feel it. He slept for a good 3 and a half hours afterward, he had exhausted himself screaming.


Friday we had our last Friday Music class at our friend's house. It was a fun class, I really enjoyed it, and the people that were in that class. Glad that I joined it. We'll be doing another session in the later part of the spring, that I'm actually organizing with friends, I can't wait.


After music, we headed over to Tara's house, and we were joined also by Kate-the-Enabler.
We had some lunch, some tea, and Kate got her baby fix.


Tara gave Quentin a gift. She knit him Duck feet. (Non-Ravelry link). It's soo flippin' cute.
Thank you so much Tara! Quentin loves them.


Tara & her daughter made dessert for us.
It's the most appropriate snack for any knitter.
I just enjoyed looking & photographing them.
(I didn't actually eat one... darn diet!)
They even have little marshmallow tushies!


Quentin was all smiles last night when he was supposed to be in bed, asleep.
It was my own fault for letting him sleep while we were out for dinner with my in-laws.


Today we had Jenn come over with the boys, as they've all been asking us to see their cousins. The boys played very nicely together, and had lunch together. The photo above kind of is funny, because none of them are actually "playing" together.

Other stuff going on:
- On Thursday, Sean asked us to remove the guard rail off his bed. It's been 2 nights now, and he hasn't fallen out of bed yet (knock on wood).
- Took Quentin to the CLSC on Thursday to get him weighed, he's been a little piggy this week, and has gained 34 g per day since last Thursday. He's now 10 lbs 15.5 oz. I plugged that in his growth chart, and he's still under the 3rd percentile for weight, at 4 months old. While we want him to eat, I don't want him to gain too much too fast. He's supposed to be gaining between 20 & 25 grams a day, so we're going to put him slowly onto regular formula. I'm going to be weaning him off the high calorie formula slowly, and see how he does. Maybe he was just having a growth spurt, who knows.
- Conversation between Jamie & Sean the day before April Fool's Day:
Sean: "I'm going to hide your slippers tomorrow, it's April Fool's day".
Jamie: "You're not supposed to tell me, it's supposed to be a trick/surprise."
Sean: "Well, I won't tell you tomorrow then."

Today's Link Love:
- Free Pampers Gifts to Grow Reward Points: 10000LATINASFBK, SPRINGHASSPRUNG & CesarChavez2011.
- Love this Etsy Shop. Especially these signs and these custom baby ones too.
- Love this bathing suit.
- I'd love to make something like this for my home office. It's so cute.


Barb said...

Hope baby Q is feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Wow, havn't update your blog for such a long time, and seems like I will have a lot to read and digest. I am glad that the little one is going well now, and I can understand how bad you felt when you saw him suffered. (same as my daughter, Erika.) Love the duck socks, they are super cute on Quentin! :) And I also love the cupcake, I shall show that picture to Erika, she will love it. Don't worry, Quentin will be ok. :) God bless you and your family !!

Tara said...

I'm glad Quentin liked the duck booties! :)

sapphireblue said...

Poor Q. Looks like he's doing better.

Jen Sirois said...

Oh, poor Quentin! I hope he heals quickly, too. My brother has something similar that was never corrected and he's been fine. Heh. I'm reminded of a story, actually. When he was in third grade, his teacher called my mom and accused him of acting out in class and sticking his tongue out at her. My mom showed up at school and told my bro to stick his tongue out. It didn't go past his lips because of how short his tie is. The teacher turned red as a beet.

I love the duck feet, too! A friend in Maine is pregnant and I hope to knit up a bunch of baby things for her in various sizes for the first year. =)

g-girl said...

ohhh, poor quentin! at least it's over and done with now. wow, i love the color scheme in tara's house! :) those duck feet are absolutely adorable and those cupcakes! wow. :) the conversation btwn jamie and sean regarding april fool's, hilarious! so did he hide the shoes after all?

dawn said...

Love the duck booties! My sister in law made some for Joshua when he was a baby, and he loved them. The sheep cupcakes are so darn cute I can't stand it!

Bea said...

Ouch! I love the duck feet.