Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Busy Week & Changes


Tuesday Quentin was 17 weeks old (left picture) and on Wednesday he turned 4 months old (right picture). Yesterday we had his 4 month check up (vaccines are next week) and on the doctor's scale (which is old school) he was 10 lbs 13 oz. (I plan to get him weighed in tomorrow as per usual at the CLSC on the digital scales, so we'll see if that is any where near accurate). The doc said he feels that Quentin's Laryngomalacia is getting a lot better. (We'll see what ENT has to say later on this week).


This week on Monday Sean turned 51 months old (left picture) and on Tuesday he turned 221 weeks old (right picture). This week Sean told me that he tried Bananas at school and likes them and that he has now tried green beans, and says he'll eat them from time to time. I have been trying to get him to eat them for a while now, with no success. Daycare I guess had better luck. He used to love bananas as a baby (purée), but hasn't been a fan of them until now. The green beans thing surprised me.

Speaking of food, Mr. Mack at the dinner table Monday night asked Jamie what he was eating, so Jamie replied "Fish". Mack then proceeded to say "Can I try some please?". Both mine & Jamie's mouths DROPPED. What!? That's not Mackenzie? Who are you? What did you do to our Mack? Seriously though.. he tried it, and then said "I like fish". Wow... is this a start to a new eating pattern? Is our picky eater Mackenzie turning over a new leaf? If so, I welcome it very much.


Tuesday we walked (it was beautiful outside) to our music & gym class.
Quentin enjoyed being rolled around on a ball. He was all smiles.


Monday we had playgroup and had a nice time with friends.


And today, my happy baby started to get the hang of holding the bottle by himself.


Today we also visited another friend in the afternoon & her adorable son.
We had a nice cup of tea while the boys hung out together.


Then we ran off to watch the older boys in their swimming class.
One minute Quentin was awake, the next he was asleep.


And since he was asleep, I got some knitting done (left picture). After swimming I took the boys on an errand. I like stores that have a shopping cart that fits all 3 boys, plus has storage on the bottom to put my purchases (AND hold my diaper bag)! (The boys got a kick out of the car part of the shopping cart).

Today's Link Love:
-This meatball recipe. Hope to try it soon.
- This craft supply storage unit.
- Tutorial for recycling crayons.
- Love these dishes.
- My March Shipment of the Tanis Fiber Arts Club. (It's my fave shade of green! Yippee!)
- Having fun with friends.
- Loving Spring Temperatures.
- Jamie & I finished Season 3 of How I Met Your Mother, and can't wait to start Season 4.
- I finally caught up on the last 3 episodes of the final season of Big Love. Have you watched it? What did you think of the way they ended the show? Talk to me!

If you're a google reader user or even bloglines user, or even if you follow blogs through don't forget to go and add my 365 Blog Project to your feeds, I often post pictures of the kids there that I don't post on this blog. My 365 project includes original photos (that was my challenge!)

Life's pretty hectic right now (with the kids & other projects I've taken on), so I will try to post as often as I can, but it will not be daily anymore. I just can't. Maybe one day I will be able to blog daily again, but right now, with 3 kids whom are a newborn & toddlers, I just don't have the time or energy. I used to journal (pen & paper) every night for years, and then I was introduced to blogging back in 2005. I have pretty much blogged daily since then (except for when I was in the hospital giving birth to all 3 kids and while I was in the hospital with Quentin back in January. I also think there was one family vacation we took that I didn't blog either that week until I got home). I think right now I'm just burned out, unfortunately. I hope that even though I won't be blogging daily, you'll still take the time to follow my blog. I will still be taking the boys weekly self portraits, and I will still work on my Project 365, but right now, I will be giving up daily blogging. I'm sure there will be extra posts when I have something crafty to show off, and stuff like that too (cooking, baking, crafting, etc). Maybe now, my email response time won't suffer anymore, as well as I might be able to get in some time to catch up on my blog reading (there's hope).


Threadless said...

I can't imagine how you've managed to blog as frequently as you do even before Quentin came along.

I don't think you'll lose any readers by posting a bit less, dear. ;)

kate-the-enabler said...

Threadless said it perfectly. I'll be here when you post, and when you don't :) it's busy with three!! I honestly honestly don't know how you fit in all that you DO fit in without going completely mad. You clearly are a superior multi-tasker. Looking FORWARD to seeing you tomorrow!

Tracy said...

I echo the above two comments - I've been amazed how you have maintained this and other projects for so long with 3 young ones. And especially with the nicer weather coming - there are so many fun things to be doing. You won't lose your readers by posting less frequently!

Aurora Rising said...

meatballs stuffed with cheese are delicious, i've done it a few times.

sapphireblue said...

I don't post everyday. It would just be too much.

robngord said...

Came to read on your page as your blog hadn't turned up in my reader for about a week and I was worried for you! Hope that you get the time to enjoy your little one's and all that you fit into your busy life without the feeling of 'having to come up with' or 'finding the time to' blog. Will still keep an eye out to see how Mackenzie is doing (as he is practically twins with my youngest) Life with kids is crazy, with three boys insane! Robyn (in ON)

Yarnhog said...

Not to worry: we'll still be around. I don't think many of us blog daily (or, in some cases-cough-monthly), so no one will hold it against you!

Kimber said...

I can't believe how big Quentin is getting! adorable boy!

I totally understand not having the blogging time - I will miss the daily read but TOTALLY understand it!

dawn said...

Yay Mack for trying something new. My youngest, Josiah is also picky...he freaks out if anything on his plate touches! I totally understand you with the not having time, and hopefully you will feel less stressed.

Tara said...

Dude, I have no idea how you blogged daily for so long. Seriously! You've got so much going on, people will totally understand that you need to prioritize. (ps: SUPER jealous of that Tanis! Ugh!)

g-girl said...

they're growin' up so quickly with sean eating bananas @ school and mack having fish at home! now, i wondered when the time was going to come for you to scale back on blogging. i'm glad that you're doing it-although i will miss the daily updates! :)

Bea said...

Fish huh? I guess it must have smelled good. This was quite the week for month/week growth wasn't it.