Sunday, March 13, 2011



Tried to start this Crochet Pompom Baby Hat.
I had issues with not twisting the chain when joining.
I must have ripped it out maybe 4 or 5 times.


I got somewhere with it, eventually. However, on Quentin's head, (yes, I modeled a pink hat on my baby boy)... it looks like a yarmulke on him. Quentin's got the size of a newborn head now as his current weight is around what most babies weigh at birth. He's still a little pisher under 10 lbs. Anyhow, there must be something off with what I'm doing or maybe it's the (handspun) yarn. It's leftovers from this project. Maybe it's the hook size too. I'm going to sleep on it, and start again tomorrow with another hook and different yarn.

Besides the little bit of crochet, I've been working away on the design I'm doing for that sock club I got asked to do. However, I am looking for 2 test knitters who can start immediately. You must have Tosh Sock yarn already in stash to use for it (as the pattern is done in Tosh Sock). I am looking 2 different knitters to knit these sizes:

Size Small: 52 sts cast on
Size Large: 72 sts cast on

You must be able to knit a sock from the cuff down, know lace, heel gussets and how to graft the toe shut.

I will need pictures of your finished item and feedback on any errors in the pattern. You will not be able to post the pictures on Ravelry or anywhere else until the pattern is released to the club members, once that is done, I will give you the okay to do so.

For your time, I’m willing to give you some of my already published sock designs.

Please PM me if you are interested, or have any further questions.


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Tara said...

Can't believe my stash is actually TOO SMALL for me to be able to be your test knitter. lol!

g-girl said...

darn it! no tosh yarn already in my stash to speak of. sorry. sure you'll find someone though. sorry to hear the start to the crochet pompom hat wasn't an easy one. :P

Amelah said...

When is the dead line for the test knit? I don't have any of that yarn unfortunately! Did you find anyone yet?