Wednesday, March 23, 2011



After Quentin's swim class this morning (which I dunked him fully in water today & he handled it like a champ), Quentin and I took a drive into the city to my grandmother's condo. She got back yesterday from Florida from being there for the winter, and hadn't met Quentin yet. He was born exactly 3 weeks after she left (and he was 4 weeks early). I had heard a rumor that a certain hockey player bought a house across the street from my grandmother. It's true. And it's being renovated. Too bad his Hummer wasn't parked outside the house today. If it was, maybe I'd have taken Quentin (in his Habs bucket (though, that's Mack in the link)) and asked to uhm... borrow a cup of sugar? Maybe I ran out of eggs and needed to borrow one?

When I went to go pick up Mack today, one of his teachers tells me that one of the girls in the class today, turns to Mack and says "I like him, he's cute" and Mack turned back to her and said, "you're cute too". Oh my. I think we might have to watch out for those 2 later on! They used to be in playgroup together when I was on maternity leave with Mack. (The 2nd playgroup I was in). Sean's actually friends with her older brother, so we see them outside of daycare too. Oh, my heart melted when I heard that. Too.freakin'.cute.

seanswimless mackswim

The boys had swimming this afternoon. I had no issues getting either of them into the water.


Quentin however wanted to eat while they swam, so no knitting for me. Maybe next week.

Baby boy clothes (and other items) box #1 packed and ready to go to it's new owner. Why am I having separation issues? It's some stuff he's outgrown in NB size, depending on the company. There are still a few NB items lingering in his wardrobe that will go into the next box. Quentin's in 0-3 month size now finally. Also some extra blankets and stuff I don't need and some stuff wrong season. It's super hard. But I'm going to do it.

Today's Link Love:
- This image.
- This made me laugh.
- I wish this was my bathroom.
- Love this mystery knitter.
- Backwards knitting!
- These knitted leggings!
- This yarn.
- This mug is amusing.
- This free baby hat pattern.


Threadless said...

I love backwards knitting - had to teach myself how years ago because the purl rows were killing me on speed. ;)

Tara said...

Never heard of Dyeabolical yarns before. Nice!

sapphireblue said...

Maybe it's because he's your last baby?

g-girl said...

ooh, love that bathroom too. that mug was hilarious!

Laura said...

I'd redesign the bathroom a bit. That glass wall has to go so there's a straight walk to the john. I'd move the tree beside it for a bit of camouflage.