Monday, March 14, 2011



Someone thinks he's hanging out with another baby! He was smiling at the mirror for a good while this morning. Too bad he doesn't realize it's himself he is looking at.


Today we had playgroup in the afternoon. I went a bit late as I was at home waiting for a phone call that I wanted to take (with only good things to come!). Luckily we were only a little bit late and Quentin got to hang out with his new buddies for a bit. Aren't they all delicious?? One of Quentin's friends thought he was comfy to sit on. Today was our 4th week of playgroup and so far, everyone is getting along great and things are going smoothly. There will even be a Daddy joining us for a bit as the mom is going back to work for a few weeks (as her job can't be replaced with anyone else - she's a sign language interpreter).

Drive by Monday:
- I'm growing out my hair.
- I'm 17.5 lbs down since January 1st. Kind of feel "stuck" this week, but working at it, and I'm not giving up. I know I can do it, and reach my goal. I'm not giving in to temptation.
- I haven't had any chocolate since 2010.
- I haven't had any cake, cookies, or junk food since 2010.
- I'm definitely addicted to diet coke.
- I'm totally enjoying the book I'm currently reading.
- Upset I lost 1 hour of sleep last night. And for what? We can't even go bike riding at 5pm after I pick up the kids from daycare, so what's the point? It's not warm enough yet. It's too early for daylight savings time.
- I managed to make one of these, with better yarn this time and a different brand crochet hook. Details to come tomorrow. I think I'm going to make it in both sizes that are available in the pattern. It's so cute.
- Someone is coming back tomorrow to pick up one or two of our couches! So happy we're getting rid of some of them and the rest that we're not using anymore will go into the garbage. It's too bad that there is a mountain of snow on our front yard, or I'd put the couches out with signs that say "FOR FREE - PLEASE TAKE ME" on them... maybe if the snow melts before next garbage day next week I can do that? I guess we'll have to see if the warmer weather & the rain they're calling for this week help get rid of the snow.
- I'm so fed up with winter, I've already started wearing my sneakers outside. Bye, bye boots. See you next year. I'm also *this* close to pulling out my Capri pants... just sayin'.

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Tara said...

Aw, look at that smiling face!! Man, they just grow SO fast, don't they?

sapphireblue said...

Awww! Look at all those babies!! We should get rid of the time change. The whole rest of the world doesn't do it.

g-girl said...

wow, is the play group mainly boys?? congrats on the weight loss. sweets since 2010?? you're amazing! don't think I could do it. maybe I oughta give it a shot one day. i didn't really notice the hour difference. for some reason i wake up with more energy now (post time change) than I did before. you are not alone in your crusade for NO dst though! it's to benefit farmers from what i heard.

Laura said...

The picture of Quentin and his buds is priceless. One of them may one day be leader of the free world (I'm betting on Quentin) but at that moment, they look like a bunch of grumpy old men :).

Amelah said...

The babies are very delicious! Q especially!

How long are you growing your hair to? I prefer it long anyways :)